George W. Rappleyea
Jun, 1925
In 1929 Rappleyea became Vice President of Higgins Boat Industries, the maker of the famous Higgins landing crafts used in World War II. Higgins boats are credited with helping to win the war for the Allies.

In 1946 Rappleyea became Secretary-Treasurer of the Marsallis Construction Company in New Orleans. In March 1947 Rappleyea and others were arrested in New Orleans for conspiracy to violate the National Firearms Act. According to Time Magazine, "William Marsalis and George Rappleyea had a hole-in-the-wall office in New Orleans, a houseful of guns in Gulfport, Miss., plus two landing ships, four P-38s and four tanks. They insisted that they were interested only in opening up the mahogany wilderness of British Honduras." In March 1948, Rappleyea pleaded guilty in a federal court in Biloxi, Mississippi to conspiracy to ship arms and ammunition to British Honduras. He was sentenced to one year in prison. From the Smithsonian Institution.