Le Compte Davis

Le Compte Davis (also spelled LeCompte) was one of Clarence Darrow's co-counsel in the McNamara case. When Darrow was charged with jury bribery, some of the strongest evidence against him was a $10,000 check from the McNamara defense fund that Darrow allegedly gave to San Francisco labor leader Olaf Tveitmoe on September 1, 1911. This was a very unusual transaction because the American Federation of Labor, which was funding the defense, had insisted on strict accounting and all other checks were cashed at Los Angeles banks and put into the defense accounts. LeCompte Davis testified during Darrow's bribery trial that he knew nothing of the $10,000 check, although he knew of all the other checks cashed in the defense accounts. The prosecution alleged that Tveitmoe later gave the cash to Darrow to be used for bribing jurors.

Photo from the "Press Reference Library (Southwest Edition) Notables of the Southwest" (1912).