Owen R. Lovejoy, General Secretary, National Child Labor Committee

The Anthracite Coal region in Pennsylvania was the first industry investigated by the National Child Labor Committee (NCLC). Although child labor was not one of the issues leading to the 1902 strike it became an important issue during the hearings before the Anthracite Coal Strike Commission. Clarence Darrow emphasized the evils of child labor in the mines through witness testimony and his closing argument. The elimination of child labor in mining was an important early win for the NCLC. It was actually easier to eliminate child labor in mining because it was such a horrendous occupation for children that, in most states, it came under more stringent regulation than other employment. Lovejoy was centrally involved in the investigation of child labor in the coal mine industry. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, LC-DIG-nclc-04845.