Senator Phipps
Jun, 1922
Lawrence Cowle Phipps (1862 - 1958) served from 1919 until 1931 as a United States Senator from the Republican Party representing Colorado. Born in Pennsylvania, he worked his way up in the Carnegie Steel Company from clerk to first vice president. He retired in 1901 and moved to Colorado. In a letter dated March 19, 1924 from Clarence Darrow to his son Paul, Darrow gave his views on various politicians including Phipps:

"I did not know about Phipps on the Volsted Act. In fact, I know very little about it. I presume my view of him is largely prejudiced. About all I know of him is that he was a very wealthy Pittsburgh man who had never been known as anything but a business man. He went to Colorado, either for his health or his family's and on account of his money alone, this man who was practically a carpet bagger in Colorado, was elected to the United States Senate. He might be better than I think, but it was a rotten thing for Colorado to do and it shows the effect of money in politics."

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