Calvin Coolidge and Charles G. Dawes c. 1924

Calvin Coolidge and Charles G. Dawes were elected President and Vice President respectively in 1924 on the Republican ticket. Coolidge and Dawes fueded during their time in office. Dawes was also a co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on World War I reparations. In a letter to his son Paul in 1924, Clarence Darrow wrote: "As to Dawes, I have always liked him and admire some of his work. I think he did good work during the war, good work in the budget and good work in his report on Germany, but Mr. Dawes is a super-patriot. He organized the minute men for the sole purpose of sustaining property interest. He has always taken that side on every question. The courts have rendered a judgment against him for over one million growing out of the Lorimer bank. In this case, he let the government count a million on Lorimer, giving his unsecured note and it was counted in Dawes bank and immediately after it was counted, he returned the note and kept the money. He knew that Mr. Lorimar did not have the money and that it was his money that was counted to open Lorimar's bank. This has no doubt been done before and some times under excusable circumstances, but it was done in this case to help men open a bank who had not a cent of money in the world and no securities and the result was a very substantial loss to hundreds of thousands of stockholders. I do not think he should have done it." Library of Congress, LC-USZ62-111450.