Albert "Deacon" Jones
Jan, 1932
Jones was one of two enlisted sailors who assisted in the kidnapping and murder of Joseph Kahahawai. Jones confessed to a reporter in 1966 that he actually shot and killed Kahahawai. Clarence Darrow insisted during the trial that Tommie Massie pulled the trigger which was necessary for the "unwritten law" defense. Peter Van Slingerland wrote a book published in 1966 titled "Something Terrible Has Happened" about the case. He said he interviewed Jones for the book and Jones revealed that Kahahawai never confessed to having raped Thalia Massie and that it was Jones who shot Kahahawai and it was not an accident. Slingerland specifically asked "You shot him?" And Jones replied "You're God damn right I did." Jones referred to Kahahawai as the "black bastard." Jones also said it was Clarence Darrow's idea to "let Tommie take the rap" for the murder. Courtesy of the Honolulu Police Department.