Group of Polygamists in the Utah Penitentiary c. 1885

During his second bribery trial, one of Clarence Darrow's defense lawyers was Orlando Woodworth "O.W." Powers, a former judge from Salt Lake City Utah who had recently moved to Los Angeles. While in Utah, Powers served as the special prosecutor representing the United States during the prosecution of Mormons for polygamy. Powers sent 4,000 Mormons to prison while enforcing the Edmunds-Tucker Act as a prosecutor or during the brief time he served as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Utah. He was appointed to the Supreme Court of Utah by President Cleveland in 1885. Powers later became an important defender of Mormons who gave up polygamy and fought to protect them from religious prosecution. He later advocated that those sentenced to prison for polygamy be released and nearly all were released. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, LC-USZ62-80399