47th Annual Continental Congress of the Daughters of the American Revolution Convention, Washington, D.C.
Apr, 1938
In 1928 the Daughters of the American Revolution circulated a list of what it termed "Doubtful Speakers" that it wanted to bar from speaking at D.A.R. events. Clarence Darrow made the list because he was considered a "Socialist." There were many others on the list including, Arthur Garfield Hays, Benjamin Gitlow, Dudley Field Malone, William Allen White, Roscoe Pound and Felix Frankfurter at Harvard law School, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, W.E.B. Du Bois, Jane Addams, and Harry Emerson Fosdick. There were also many organizations on the list. The D.A.R. did not actually draw up the list, this was done by other individuals and organizations, but several of those on the list attacked the D.A.R.