George Popham

Around 1918 Clarence Darrow expanded his law firm by bringing in George Popham who had previously been an assistant state's attorney in Illinois. Sometime in 1922 Popham forged a will for a client. An opposing attorney called Peter Sissman in Darrow's firm to inform them but Sissman could not believe it so he did not tell Darrow. Darrow went to court in the matter and the forgery became known and created a scandal and greatly upset Darrow. According to Irving Stone in his biography "Clarence Darrow For the Defense," Popham called another attorney to his office, showed him a revolver he had in his desk and asked the attorney to testify on his behalf or Popham said he would "blow my brains out." When informed of this, Darrow said "You go back and tell Popham that's the best thing to do but not to do it in the office; he's made enough mess around here."