General Hugh S. Johnson
Apr, 1939
President Roosevelt appointed Hugh S. Johnson as Director of the National Recovery Administration (NRA). An important part of the NRA's responsibility was the creation and enforcement of "codes of fair competition" between various industries. But the codes and the NRA were heavily criticized. In response, in March 1934 President Roosevelt created the National Recovery Review Board to review the codes and report its findings to the president. Roosevelt picked Clarence Darrow to chair the board. But the Darrow board antagonized the Roosevelt administration with its critical reports and Darrow and Johnson publicly sparred.

Caption for photo: "Former NRW administrator urges independent course for United States abroad. Washington, D.C., April 24. Appearing as a witness before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today, Gen. Hugh S. Johnson, former NRA administrator and now a newspaper columnist, urged an independent course for the U.S. abroad. He said only the safe course for this nation now was to rely upon its own strength." Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, LC-DIG-hec-26545