Donald R. Richberg

Donald Randall Richberg (1881 - 1960) was an attorney, civil servant, and author who served as a key aide to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Significantly, Richberg helped write the National Industrial Recovery Act and he served as general counsel and executive director of the National Recovery Administration (NRA). Richberg, who had known Clarence Darrow for years, was instrumental in getting Darrow appointed to the National Recovery Review Board that was setup to review the Codes of Fair Competition enforced by the NRA. Before working in the Roosevelt administration, Richberg earned a reputation as a labor lawyer and worked on behalf of railroad unions as part of the American Federation of Labor. Richberg is credited with drafting and helping to get enacted the Railway Labor Act of 1926. He also helped craft the Norris-LaGuardia Act and the Taft-Hartley Act. Photo from the Bench and Bar of Illinois (1920).