Edgar Wilson

Edgar Wilson (1861- 1915) was a leading citizen of Boise. Wilson was a member of the constitutional convention that framed the Idaho State constitution in 1890. He was also an attorney, banker, former congressman and a former law partner of Fremont Wood the trial judge in William Haywood trial. They had been law partners from 1884 until November 1895. Two days before the trial began Wilson surprised Judge Wood when he informed him that he had been asked to join the defense team. Wilson asked if this would be an embarrassment to the judge. Judge Wood recounted that he was "somewhat stunned" at the news but immediately decided that their friendship would not affect the case. Clarence Darrow and Haywood defense team shocked the courtroom when Edgar Wilson appeared sitting at the defense table at the beginning of the trial. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Edgarwilson.PNG