John Peter Altgeld

In 1889 the newly elected mayor of Chicago DeWitt C. Cregier sent for Clarence Darrow whom he had never met. The mayor surprised Darrow by offering him the position of Special Assessment Attorney with an annual salary of three thousand dollars. Darrow accepted and worked in that position for 3 years. At one point Darrow asked the mayor why he had offered him a job even though he had never met him. Cregier replied that it was because he had seen Darrow give a speech following a speech by Henry George. Darrow found out later that John Peter Altgeld, who had campaigned for Cregier, had urged the mayor to appoint Darrow to the position. According to a Darrow biographer "Cregier had come to office entirely as the result of Altgeld's remarkable manipulation of the city election of 1889." Kevin Tierney, Darrow: A Biography 51 (1979).