Harold Ickes
Dec, 1938
Harold Ickes (1874 - 1952) was Secretary of Interior from 1933 to 1946 and he was an important figure in implementing President Roosevelt's New Deal programs. Darrow and Ickes knew each other and they worked together in 1922 to oppose a new Illinois constitution. On November 22, 1922 the People's Protective League was formed and chose Harold Ickes as president. Progressives joined including former Governor Edward Dunne and Darrow. Members of the league actively campaigned against the new constitution by creating and distributing pamphlets and making speeches against its adoption. On December 12, 1922 over a million votes were cast and the new constitution was soundly rejected by a vote of 921,398 to 185,298.

Ickes and Darrow were part of a group that urged President Roosevelt to appoint William H. Holly, one Darrow's long time law partners, as a federal judge to the Northern District of Illinois. Holly was appointed in 1933.

In this photo, Ickes is leaving the White House after a conference with President Roosevelt. Ickes indicates with his fingers that he has two days left in which to decide whether he will run for Mayor of Chicago on the Liberal Coalition ticket. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, LC-DIG-hec-25551