Judge Joseph E. Gary

When Governor Altgeld pardoned the remaining Haymarket defendants he sharply criticized Judge Gary in a report he issued. Clarence Darrow in his autobiography "The Story of My Life" wrote "I feel that Governor Altgeld was wrong in laying all the blame to Judge Gary, the trial judge. Undoubtedly his rulings were biased and unfair, but where is the man who, under the lashing of the crowd, is not biased and unfair? If Judge Gary erred, the Supreme Court was still more to blame . . . . To severely blame Judge Gary meant blaming a judge for not being one in ten thousand, and few men can be that and live." Photo from Elisha Benjamin Andrews, The History of the Last Quarter-Century in the United States, 1870-1895, Volume 1 (C. Scribner's, 1896).