Berthold A. Cronson

Berthold Albert Cronson was an assistant to Robert Crowe the State Attorney for Illinois. Several accounts of the investigation state that Crowe assigned Cronson, a nephew of Samuel Ettelson, to help investigate the murder of Bobby Franks. Cronson investigated the typewritten ransom note that was part of the key evidence against Leopold and Loeb. He also gained key information from the Leopold family's chauffeur Sven Englund that broke the alibi Leopold and Loeb had been using to explain their whereabouts on the day of the murder. However later researchers could find no evidence that Cronson played such a key role in the investigation. In 1925 Clarence Darrow formed a law partnership with Cronson and two of the other lawyers who had been on the prosecution team during the Leopold and Loeb case. The firm was titled Darrow, Smith, Cronson & Smith. The firm had its offices in the Chicago Temple Building.