Mahlon Pitney

In November 1916 Clarence Darrow argued before the Supreme Court of the United States on behalf of Charles H. Ramsay. The case began when an individual named Stewart sued Ramsay in a federal court in Illinois. Ramsay was from Colorado but he came to Illinois to testify as a witness in another case and Stewart served process on Ramsay a few minutes after Ramsay testified. Darrow successfully argued that process could not be served in this manner because a witness coming from another state or jurisdiction is exempt from the service of civil process while in attendance upon court, and during a reasonable time in coming and going (Stewart v. Ramsay, 242 U.S. 128 (1916)). The opinion was written by Justice Mahlon Pitney (1858 - 1924). Pitney served as Associate Justice from 1912 to 1922. According to some sources Pitney was the great-grandfather of the actor Christopher Reeve.

Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, LC-DIG-hec-03701