Seth W. Richardson c. 1929

On January 11, 1932, prompted by the Ala Moana trial and the murder of Joseph Kahahawai, the United States Senate adopted a resolution requesting the Attorney General to report to the Senate as early as possible on the administration and enforcement of criminal laws in the Territory of Hawaii, and whether there should be any changes in the organic law to improve the administration of justice. The Attorney General later sent Assistant Attorney General Seth Richardson to Hawaii to investigate and make a report. Richardson was assisted by FBI agents and Justice Department officials. The result of Richardson's investigation, called the Richardson Report, was submitted to the Senate in April, 1932.

Richardson and those working under him conducted a massive investigation that resulted in 3,380 pages that filled fifteen volumes but were not published. The investigators interviewed over four hundred people in various positions, such as lawyers, judges, business leaders, politicians, law enforcement, and news editors. The report also included a separate 300 page summary of conclusions and recommendations. The entire work was conducted in two months. During the first day of the trial, which began with jury selection, the federal government released the Richardson Report.

Photo from the DOJ's Environment and Natural Resources Division: