John Byers Wilson

John Byers Wilson (1857 - 1929) was elected president of the American Secular Union in 1899 but resigned a year later to form the American Freethought Federation. These two organizations later combined. Wilson was a close friend of Charles Chilton Moore (1837 - 1906). Moore was an outspoken American atheist, and the editor of the Blue Grass Blade, one of the first newspapers promoting atheism in the United States. Wilson and some friends associated with the Blade formed the National Liberal Party in 1902 and Wilson was elected to be its president. Wilson inscribed a poem to Clarence Darrow titled "In the Fight" that was published in Tomorrow magazine in 1907 and in Byers' book of poetry titled Reminiscent Rhymes, and Other Verse published in 1911.

Photo from John Byers Wilson, Reminiscent Rhymes, and Other Verse (1911).