Richard J. Oglesby, between 1860 and 1870

Richard J. Oglesby (1824 - 1899) served as governor of Illinois from 1865 and 1869 and was elected again in 1884. Clarence Darrow wrote in his autobiography in regard to the Haymarket bombing that Oglesby "was a former general in the Civil War and had been prominent in politics for many years. After giving consideration to all the petitions he commuted the sentences of Fielding and Schwab to imprisonment for life, but Parsons, Spies, Engel and Fischer were hanged; and Lingg, a boy about twenty-one, managed to get a percussion cap of some sort which he put into his mouth, exploded it, and thus tore his head to pieces." Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, LC-DIG-cwpb-05642.