Henry Demarest Lloyd

In 1920 Clarence Darrow and several other attorneys defended twenty members of the Communist Labor party arrested and charged in Illinois with advocating the forceful overthrow of the government. One of the defendants was William Bross Lloyd, referred to as the "millionaire Communist" because he was the son of Darrow's friend Henry Demarest Lloyd who was very wealthy. Their trial took place from June to August 1920 in the Criminal Court in Cook County. They were convicted for violating an Illinois statute that made it unlawful to advocate reformation or overthrow of the existing form of government by violence or other unlawful means. They were sentenced to various terms of one to two years and fined. Darrow and co-counsel participated in their appeal before the Illinois Supreme Court but the court upheld the convictions.
Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, LC-USZ62-103845.