Royal Munster Fusiliers Fighting from Behind the Redoubt at Honey Nest Kloof, South Africa. February 16, 1900
Feb, 1900
Medics treating wounded in back of redoubt during Boer War. Clarence Darrow and his mentor John Peter Altgeld publicly supported the Boer's against the British. Recalling Altgeld's feelings about the war Darrow wrote in The Story of My Life: "One new great emotion came into his life toward the end. This was the Boer War. All his friends were for the Boers. Although I had never been an enemy of England, I felt that this war waged by them was without excuse. Then, too, it presented the picture of a great nation trampling a small one into the earth. Both Altgeld and I held a large number of meetings for the purpose of awakening the sympathy of our country for the Boers." Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, LC-USZ62-42613.