Dynamite Box at Indianapolis, (Jones Barn)

Piano box in which union leaders hid two quart cans of nitroglycerin and fifteen sticks of dynamite packed in sawdust. Detective William J. Burns was accused of planting this evidence to which Burns replied: "They're saying I 'planted' these things before I found them. Well, if I were the most fiendish murder that ever drew the breath of life, I might have 'planted' dynamite in the piano-box in Jones' barn. But how would I persuade John J. McNamara to buy the box and have it placed there for me and have the sawdust hauled to pack it with? What sort of records does a labor union pack in sawdust in a country barn? How did I get a lock on the box to fit James McNamara's keys? How did I arrange it that McManigal's keys would duplicate them? The Dynamiters: A Great Case of Detective William J. Burns by Harvey J. O'Higgins, McClure's Magazine, vol. 37 (August 1911)

Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, LC-DIG-ggbain-09156