James H. Hawley

Part of Clarence Darrow's defense strategy was to attack and frustrate James Hawley, one of the lead prosecutors: "Hawley's exasperation was precisely what Darrow had sought. Behind it was his deliberative strategy, evident in virtually all his trials, of selecting one of the prosecution's attorneys as a scapegoat against whom to employ his considerable weapons of scorn and sarcasm. So venomous were Darrow's sallies against the verbose and syntactically muddled Hawley, so wounding were they to the attorney's pride, that Hawley's twenty-five-year-old son, Jess, . . . occasionally threatened—out of court—to punch Darrow in the nose if he didn't cease and desist. J. Anthony Lukas, Big Trouble: A Murder in a Small Western Town Sets Off a Struggle for the Soul of America 550 (1998). Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, LC-DIG-ggbain-37237.