Dr. William Allison White, Senator Stanley of Kentucky and Clarence Darrow
Mar, 1925
Dr. William Alanson White was one of the defense alienists. White was the Superintendent of St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington D.C. which was the largest mental institution in the country. He was also the president of the American Psychiatric Association. White wrote in his autobiography of the defense alienists' naive attempt to bring the families of the victim and his murders together:

"we finally tried to get the three families, each of which had in reality lost a son, to come together in friendly conference and try to reach some constructive conclusion for what otherwise seemed to be a total loss in any direction we could look. The suggestion was made that they found an institution for the special study and understanding of problem children and that over the entrance to this institution the profiles of these three boys be carved." William Alanson White, The Autobiography of a Purpose 186-87 (1938).

Augustus Owsley Stanley served as a Representative and a Senator from Kentucky from May 19, 1919 until March 3, 1925. Photo taken at the Cosmos Club, Washington, D.C. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, LC-DIG-npcc-26880