SS Malolo Underway off San Pedro, California, circa the later 1920s.

Four days after their sentence was commuted Grace Fortescue, Thalia and Tommy Massy and Clarence Darrow and his wife Ruby were sneaked aboard the SS Malolo by a Navy minesweeper that pulled up alongside the ship to let the passengers enter through a cargo bay to avoid Hawaiian authorities who insisted Thalia Massie must remain in Hawaii for the retrial of the Ala Moana rape defendants. Captain Wortman of the Navy scuffled with a Hawaiian police officer to prevent him serving Thalia with a subpoena. The ship later left for San Francisco.

The SS Malolo was an American Cruise liner built by William Cramp & Sons, Philadelphia in 1926 for the Matson Line. It began service to Hawaii in 1927. The ship cost $8 million dollars to build, and at the time it was the most expensive and fastest merchant ship ever built in the U.S. It was 582 feet long and included seven decks, a swimming pool, ballroom, gymnasium, and space for 650 passengers in modern cabins. It had a 27 knot cruising speed and could make the crossing from San Francisco to Honolulu in four and a half days. It was renamed several times and known as Matsonia, Atlantic, and Queen Fredrica. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.