Mrs. Ortie McManigal with Children and Clarence Darrow

Clarence Darrow tried to get Emma McManigal to convince her husband Ortie to repudiate his confession. When Emma visited Ortie in the Los Angeles County jail she told him if he did not sign the note from Darrow repudiating his confession then he would never see her again. Ortie agreed but later the prosecution and Burns detectives convinced Ortie to repudiate his own repudiation and stand by his confession. The prosecution had also put great pressure on Emma to convince her husband to stand by his confession including bringing her before a grand jury and threatening her with contempt. Emma filed for divorce on October 14, 1911 alleging cruel and inhuman treatment because of the pressure being put on her by her husband, the prosecution and Burns' detectives. According to the New York Times she was being represented by Clarence Darrow in the divorce proceedings. Courtesy of University of Southern California, on behalf of the USC Special Collections.