Doris Stevens

Doris Stevens (1892 - 1963) was a noted activist for women's rights. She was a co-founder of the Congressional Union for Women Suffrage in 1913 which later became the National Woman's Party. Arrested and jailed several times for protesting she wrote about her experiences in "Jailed for Freedom" published in 1920. During the Scopes trial she was married to Scopes defense lawyer Dudley Field Malone. At one point during the trial she told the press "I came all the way from New York to find that the defendant was a man, the prosecutor a man, the judge a man, the jury all men, the attorneys on both sides men. . . . One would think there weren't any women in this world, or that they didn't do any thinking." Baltimore Evening Sun, July 17, 1925, p. 2. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, LC-DIG-ggbain-22372