Judge Alfred J. Talley

After the sentencing hearing Clarence Darrow had expressed the hope that the Leopold and Loeb case would prompt further research into the psychology of crime and maybe lead to the creation of neuropathic hospitals to treat criminals. Judge Talley on the New York Court of General Sessions responded "It is not the criminals, actual or potential, that need a neuropathic hospital, It is the people who slobber over them in an effort to find excuses for their crimes. . . . There are lots of sick people who concern themselves with crime, but the criminals are not numbered among them." ATTACKS DARROW'S VIEW OF CRIMINALS, New York Times Sep 23, 1924. p. 25. This led to a debate between Darrow and Judge Talley on the topic "Resolved: That Capital Punishment is a Wise Public Policy" at Manhattan Opera House in New York on October 26, 1924.