Algernon Sidney Crapsey

Algernon Sidney Crapsey (1847-1927) was an Episcopalian priest well known throughout the country. His progressive social ideas clashed with the traditional views of the church. Following a lecture in which he related Jesus' life to the physical one of the common man he was brought to trial for heresy in 1906. His popularity gained him considerable local and national support, but the Episcopal Church convicted him of heresy and he was defrocked. Although he did not have the approved church credentials, Dr. Crapsey continued to lecture, write, and support important social work until his death in 1927. A friend of Clarence Darrow, Crapsey wrote a letter to Darrow in May 1925 stating "I would give the last hair on my head to be with you and Malone in Tennessee." Crapsey Letter to Darrow