District Attorney John Fredericks

John D. Fredericks (1869 - 1945) was the District Attorney of Los Angeles County from 1903-1915. In this position, he prosecuted the McNamara brothers until the defendants offered a plea deal that Fredericks accepted. He prosecuted Clarence Darrow in his first bribery trial but not in the second trial. Some sources state that Fredericks eventually decided not to prosecute Darrow in a third trial if Darrow agreed to leave Los Angeles and never again practice law in California. In 1915 Fredericks was the Republican nominee for governor and ran against the incumbent Hiram Johnson of the Progressive Party. Although a strong candidate, Fredericks lost to Johnson. Fredericks served as president of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce in 1922. He was elected to the United States Congress in 1923 and served until 1927 when he returned to Los Angeles to practice law.