Wheaton Gray

Wheaton Gray was appointed special prosecutor for Clarence Darrow's second bribery trial. Gray vilified Darrow, calling him a "moral idiot" and "the greatest power for evil in the United States today." Gray told the jury "If you want to please dynamiters, murderers and the criminals of the world, acquit this man. But if you want to do your duty to society, then convict him. It should be made impossible for jury bribery to exist in this city, but if Darrow is acquitted, then you can never find a lawyer guilty who passes a bribe by an agent."

Darrow appeared to hate Gray and lashed out at him perhaps as much as he did against anyone he faced in a courtroom. At the very beginning of his closing argument Darrow said:

"I wish the attorneys on the other side to be kind enough to send for Gray. I have got some things to say about him, and I had rather he would be here, if he is not too big a coward. I don't think that Gray is much of a lawyer. I was wondering what he would be good for. If he had lived sixty years ago, I could have found a job that I think he would have been fitted for; but he is a misfit in this age. He would have been all right in the days of slavery for hard and cruel masters to hire to beat negroes. He is built for it, and he has got courage to beat a man when his hands are tied, Gray has. He might want his feet tied too; but he would have courage enough to beat them if they were securely fastened." Photo is from the History of the Bench and Bar of Southern California.