Joseph Caruso, J.J. Ettor, Arturo Giovannitti c. 1912

Arturo M. Giovannitti (1884 - 1959) was an Italian immigrant, union leader, anarchist, socialist and poet. The Lusk Committee referred to Giovannitti as "an extreme radical with marked anarchistic tendencies . . . ." Giovannitti observed the Gitlow trial and later wrote about it and praised Clarence Darrow's closing argument. Joseph James Ettor (1886 - 1948) was an Italian-American trade union organizer. During the Lawrence textile strike (often called the Bread and Roses strike), in Lawrence, Massachusetts in 1912 a woman striker named Anna LoPizzo, was killed as police broke up a picket line. Joseph Caruso, a striker, was charged with her murder. Giovannitti and Ettor, who were not present, were arrested and charged as accessories to murder. The strikers accused the police of shooting LoPizzo. All three were acquitted.
Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, LC-DIG-ggbain-07339.