The Clarence Darrow Letters

W. A. White to Clarence Darrow, September 30, 1905

White is referring to his article, "The Golden Rule," 96 Atlantic Monthly, pp. 433-441 (October, 1905).

W. A. White to Clarence Darrow, December 31, 1904
The Emporia Gazette
Daily and Weekly
W.A. White, Editor

Sept. 30-1905.

My dear Mr. Darrow:-

I don't very often bother my acquaintances by asking them to read what I write, but this month the Atlantic Monthly is printing an article of mine which I am particularly anxious to have you see. The first page or two may tire you, but I hope you will not be discouraged, and when you have the time, will wade through it.

I hope to make it the introductory essay to a short series in which , as well as I can, I hope to set down, what seems to be the current economic morals of the country at this time.


W.A. White

Mr. Clarence Darrow

Corporation Counsel,

Chicago, Illinois.