The Clarence Darrow Letters

Hubert Darrow to Unknown, July 14, 1884

In addition to Clarence, Mary Darrow had five brothers: Edward Everett, Channing, Hubert, Herman, and Herbert. It is not known if this letter was written to Everett, Channing, or Herman. (Herbert died in 1857).

Hubert Darrow to Unknown, July 14, 1884, page one
Hill and Harvey
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Albany, July 14, 1884

Dear Brother:

I answered your card at once to let you know my position in regard to buying goods. Everything is selling low now at auction and I should not dare to invest. Can buy cheap however. Then again I expect to leave here soon perhaps in 2 weeks. Still I could buy and ship goods for the coming month but hardly think it best. I am for Cleveland [?] because as Gen. Bragg says "I love him for the enemies he has made. I have been reading the Chinese Tribune "Sun" and "herald" also "Puck" & "Harpers" and I am surely a p a Cleveland man

Hubert Darrow to Unknown, July 14, 1884, page two

I shall want some money from $30 to $50 before I leave as I must buy some clothes and pay my fare to St. Louis. Clarence said he would lend me the suite I needed so you will not be obliged to send me any—Will write more later

Your Brother

H H Darrow

No. 18 Trinity Place.