The Clarence Darrow Letters

Jacob C. Lutz to Paul Darrow, September 4, 1907

Black Mountain likely refers to the Black Mountain Mining Company which operated the Cerro Prieto gold mine in Mexico.
Jacob C. Lutz to Paul Darrow, September 4, 1907, page one
Bank of Gardner
Established 1887
J.C. Lutz, Proprietor
F.L. Root, Cashier
R.I. Lutz, Asst. Cashier

Sept 4th 1907

Friend Paul

Yours of the 1st wish at hand, was glad to hear that you are still "on Deed" I note what you say that the Bank there turned you down rather hard - I was a little surprised but on reflection, I concluded it was no more than was coming to you, after the bad reputation your father achieved at Boise, and sent all over the country and published - You must not expect any favors from Banks, until your father gets on the right side, and not talk as he does about religion, the Supreme Court and the Constitution - Your father has no reverence for such things, and therefore is not entitled to credit at a Bank -

I hope you will pull through all right — I dont know that I can help you much more as my bank told me I had reached about the limit of my credit yesterday but I sent them 500000 today to take up one of my Notes. I loaned 600000 to that Cadaver to enable them to prosecute necessary word - [ ?] Mr Paul Brown

Jacob C. Lutz to Paul Darrow, September 4, 1907, page two

showed me the correspondence etc with Mansen and I am fully convinced that Mansen is a rascall and we will have much trouble with him unless he has laid himself open to criminal prosecution and I have no doubt he has -

As soon as we can get a meeting with him, we will know -

I called at the Black Mountain office Brown was not there, but Mr. [?] was, I never met him before, but I was not favorably impressed with him, he claims they are opening up more and better one all the time, gave me a lot of hot air about the prospects showed me pictures etc, but where I wanted information about the amount of one they mined and milled and the net profits When I wanted real information he said they would not give that out -

Can you imagine why a large stock holder should not have it? or a small one either -

I am convinced that as spenders of other peoples money the management is a huge success -

In regard to the

Jacob C. Lutz to Paul Darrow, September 4, 1907, page three

Gas Coupon, I have credited it on a 500000 Note, and I dont think it will make much difference so that you receive credit - I still have the Coupon, and I cant understand why it should be paid and not taken up - I was paid with a Voucher issued by the [Offawa ?] Company -

I will go to California when we can see Mansen, and will try to go to the Black Mountain mine on my return, if your father will go with me


J.C. Lutz