The Clarence Darrow Letters

Clarence Darrow to Mr. Watt, Dec 22, ????

Clarence Darrow to Mr. Watt, Dec 22, ????
Dec 22

My Dear Watt;

It looks as if my case was surely coming up on the 6 of Jan. and I must have you here; but I will not send for you until I need you; and of course I will pay your expenses. I will wire you at the right time and meanwhile will keep you posted. I am very sorry to put you to this trouble, but we will all be glad to see you again. I hope you may get the job you are after. I happen to know T.J. Walsh very well and if a letter would do any good I will send i it to you. I am feeling well and am confident that I will keep my health throu[gh] the ordeal. Both of us send love to you and Mrs. Watt.

Truly    C.S. Darrow