The Clarence Darrow Letters

Clarence Darrow to Mr. Watt, May 24, ????

Clarence Darrow to Mr. Watt, May 24, ???? page one
1537 E 100th St.
May 24th

I appreciated your nice letter about my birth day. 70 is quite away along but I don’t notice it much, but am doing my best to slow down. Still I talk some and debate some & write some and occasionally go into court.

I am inclined to think Montana is a pretty good place to live. On the whole better than California. Your letter shows the same philosophic force as ever and it is a good philosophy. You have more faith in the future [which] is greater than mine. I have a pretty strong conviction that when I finish here, I am done. Still that doesn’t bother me. I wish it might be possible to see you once in a while. When I forget you I will have forgotten everything else. I may sometime go that way again
Clarence Darrow to Mr. Watt, May 24, ???? page two
but I have no present idea of when or why except to see you. We seem to be in a horrible rut of reaction, and men like you and I must wait, even if we haven’t long to wait. Nature does not measure time in years. In spite of trying to get out of things I am always driven by something or some one, and there is always work to do. Mrs. Darrow and I often talk of you and Mrs. Watt and also of your daughter. We never had better friends and never appreciated any one more. With the best wishes of both of us to all of you.

      Your friend always
      Clarence Darrow