The Clarence Darrow Letters

Clarence Darrow to Arthur Spingarn, Oct 24, 1931

Clarence Darrow to Arthur Spingarn, Oct 24, 1931
                                    Oct 24-th, 1931.

Mr. Arthur Spingarn :---
19 West 44-th Street:---

My Dear Spingarn ---

The book will be finished this month. As I have said, no contract has been made with any one, but several publishers seem anxious to get it. I do not feel like giving it to Liveright & Co. I have said that I will show it to them, which I will do; still, that is superfluous, if they are not in the running. I presume I could ask each publisher to make an offer, and I could safely give it to the one that makes the best offer; still there are other things to consider.

Had I better send a copy of Manuscript to you to deliver to them when I send out any others? Have you any idea of the best way to handle the situation? I do not like to make any pretense that I feel is not true, but I think I should put it where I want to, and, of course, since I have given them $1,000.00 and you got me clean release, I have the right to do it.

One of these days I will be in New York, but on account of the other fellow rushing his book out in a hurry – after promising to wait! – I felt that I had better get mine done.

                  With thanks, and best wishes,
                       Clarence Darrow

I have a story in the current Nov. number of Vanity Fair on what you can and cannot do to get rid of prohibition. We cannot repeal the 18th Amendment. I think my plan has now been published.