The Clarence Darrow Letters

Ruby Darrow to Willis Thornton, Sep 27, ????

Ruby Darrow to Willis Thornton, Sep 27, ???? page one
Dear Mr. Thornton -

Thanks so much for writing – and for the pleasing pictures, - three of which lead to sending the enclosed with request for MORE – and apologies for so doing - : The one at the table in colonial tearoom, the one of the octagonal house, the birthplace; the latter being the only one ever successfully showing the house with surroundings that has come to us. So, - please grant a great favor – by sending 1 or 2 of the tea table scene, 4 or 5 or so of octagonal house, and several more than that of the birthplace, - which will appear in next edition of The Story of My Life - bearing your name as photographer [wh] -
Ruby Darrow to Willis Thornton, Sep 27, ???? page two
During a visit – some time ago – we brought back a great many views from the old haunts - but – none of the birthplace that compare with this picture of it, - though we did get a soft shadowy one of the other house. Thanks – sincerely – for your excellent portrayal of the PARTY- ! which friends from various quarters have sent – saying they consider it unusually well done.

Some time come and have a handclasp with your appreciative

Clarence and Ruby Darrow

September twenty-seventh