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2 Ann. c.6 (1703):
An Act to prevent the further Growth of Popery

Sec. 3. The Protestant child of popish parents may bring a complaint in the Court of Chancery, which court may order such popish parent to maintain such child suitable to the degree and ability of such popish parent and the age of such child, and order an appropriate portion for every such Protestant child to be paid at the decease of such popish parent.
If the eldest son and heir of a popish parent shall become protestant, such popish parent shall, from the time of inrolment in chancery of a certificate of the bishop of the diocese testifying the son's being a protestant, become only tenant for life of any real estate which the popish parent shall then own, and the reversion vested in such protestant eldest son, subject to maintenances and portions for the other children, as the court shall order, not to exceed one third of the estate, and free of all settlements, sales and incumbrances made by the popish parent after conversion of the son. And rolls shall be kept in a publick place of such certificates, where all persons may at seasonable times resort to and peruse the same without fee.

2 Ann c.6 (1703):
An Act to prevent the further Growth of Popery

Sec. 4. No person of the popish religion shall be guardian unto, or have custody of, any child under the age of 21 years, but such orphan child shall be disposed of by the court of chancery to some near relation of the child being protestant and to whom the estate cannot descend, or, in case there be no such fit protestant relation, to some other Protestant, who is required to use his utmost care to educate such minor in the protestant religion until the age of 21 years.
And the court of chancery shall order the education in the protestant religion of the children of any papists, where either the father or the mother of such children shall be a protestant, to the age of 18 years, and appoint where, by whom and in what manner such child shall be educated, and the father of such children shall pay the charges of such education, and such children shall be taken from such popish parent for education according to such order.
And any person professing the popish religion who shall take upon themselves the guardianship of any orphan contrary to law, shall forfeit five hundred pounds the benefit to the Blue-coat hospital in Dublin.

8 Ann c.3 (1709):
An Act for explaining ... an Act to Prevent the further Growth of Popery

Sec. 3. Where any children of popish parents shall conform themselves to the protestant religion as by law established, the court of chancery upon a bill brought by such children, may oblige such popish parents to discover upon oath the full value of all their estate, personal and real, and to make such order for the maintenance of such protestant children as the court shall judge fit..
By such order the estate of the popish parents shall be charged with such portions, future maintenances and support, notwithstanding any fraudulent gift or sale or voluntary disposition, provided not more than one third of the estate shall be disposed of for such maintenance and support of protestant children during the life of such popish parents.

8 Ann. c.3 (1709):
An Act for explaining ... an Act to Prevent the further Growth of Popery

Sec. 4. Whereas such popish parents do set up fraudulent settlements and incumbrances to make their estate appear small, in order to deprive such of their children as shall become protestants of a reasonable maintenance, the court of chancery upon new bills may augment such maintenance and portion allowed to such protestant children, according to the value of the estate at the time of such new bills.

8 Ann. c.3 (1709):
An Act for explaining ... an Act to Prevent the further Growth of Popery

Sec. 5. Provided that if such new bills are groundless and vexatious, they shall be dismissed, with costs to the defendant.