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English Statute 3 Will & Mary c.2 (1691):
An Act for the Abrogating the Oath of Supremacy in Ireland and Appointing other Oaths
Sec. 5-6. And for as much as great disquiet and many dangerous attempts have been made to deprive their Majesties of the said Realme of Ireland by the liberty which the Popish Recusants there have had to sit and vote in Parliament, no peer of that realm shall vote in the house of peers, nor shall any member of the house of commons vote or sit during any debate until he take said oaths and make the following declaration against transubstantiation.

English Statute 1 Ann, stat 2, c.21 (1702):
An Act for enlarging the Time for taking the Oath of Abjuration ....

Sec. 10-11. No peer of Ireland nor member of the House of Commons in that kingdom shall vote or sit during debates until he shall have taken the said oath at the same time and manner as directed for making the declaration by 3 Will & Mary, ch 2. Any who presume to vote not having taken the said oath, shall incur the penalties in 13 Will. 3, ch 6, sec 10, viz, shall be adjudged a popish recusant, be disabled to hold any office or place of profit or trust, civil or military in any of his Majesty's realms, to sit in Parliament, or sue in law or equity, or be a guardian or administrator or capable of any legacy or deed, and for each offence forfeit 500 pounds to the informer who shall sue for the same, etc.

2 Ann c.6 (1703):
An Act to prevent the further Growth of Popery

Sec. 24. No papist shall vote for the electing of any person to serve in Parliament without first taking the oath of allegiance and the oath of abjuration and showing a certificate thereof..

2 Geo I c.19 (1715):
An Act for the more effectual preventing fraudulent conveyances ... for electing members to serve in Parliament; ...

Sec. 7. No papist shall give his vote in the election of knights, citizens, or burgesses to serve in any parliament, unless he shall take the oaths of allegiance and abjuration at least 6 months before the election, and on the election day again, if required by the sheriff, one of the candidates, or any elector..
And any papist who votes without giving such oaths shall forfeit 100 pounds, one half to his Majesty, one half to the informer.

1 Geo II c.9 (1727):
An Act for the further regulating the Election of Members of Parliament; ...

Sec. 7. No papist, though not convicted as such, shall be intitled to vote at the election of any member to serve in parliament, or at the election of any magistrate for any city or other town corporate.

19 Geo II c.11 (1745):
An Act for the better regulating Elections of Members of Parliament

Sec. 4 and 7. Every freeholder before voting, if required by one of the candidates or other voter, shall take an oath, which includes the following language: "...I am not a Papist, or married to a Papist, nor do I educate, or suffer to be educated, any of my children under the age of fourteen in the popish religion." A convert may swear that he has not married a popish wife since his conversion. Any person who swears falsely under this act shall be liable to the penalties for wilful perjury.

21 Geo II c.10 (1747):
An Act to amend and make more effectual... an Act for the better regulating Elections of Members to serve in Parliament ...

Sec. 3. Before voting, every person shall take the following oath:
I, A.B., do solemnly and truly affirm, that I am a freeholder... of the clear yearly value of 10 pounds, or of 40 shillings (as the case shall happen to be) ... and that I am not a papist, or married to a papist, and that I do not educate or suffer to be educated, any of my children under the age of 14 years in the popish religion. So help me God.

21 Geo II c.10 (1747):
An Act to amend and make more effectual ... an Act for the better regulating Elections of Members to serve in Parliament ...

Sec. 6. Any voter who was papist and has conformed to the Church of Ireland as by law established and shall tender his vote at any election for members to serve in parliament, may omit the words "I am not married to a papist" and substitute "I was educated in the popish religion, and have conformed to the Church of Ireland as by law established, and have not since my conformity married a popish wife".